Vehicle and Asset Finance works with introducers across the UK:

Vehicle Dealers, Equipment & Machinery Suppliers
If your company sells products to SME businesses, we would be interested in speaking with you.

By offering competitive asset finance to your customers, we may be able to help you to:

Increase Sales
A competitive finance option makes your product more affordable and easier to purchase

Increase Margin
Customers are less inclined to negotiate your cost price if they are offered a competitive finance option

Improve Cashflow
The finance is normally paid before delivery of your product, so impact on your cashflow is negligible

We take control of the finance deal from start to finish:

  • Taking the initial proposal
  • Collecting any required financial information
  • Arranging for the documents to be signed
  • Collecting the relevant proofs of ID
  • Arranging prompt payment to you

Accountants and Financial Advisers
If you work with a portfolio of SMEs, your clients may require asset finance to help their businesses.
Whether it is to finance a new purchase or to raise capital, we would be interested in speaking with you to offer our services.

If you would like to discuss becoming an authorised introducer, please contact us on:

Tel: 01256 841214

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